The Timesplash Series

Timesplash True Path Warriors

About This Series

It started out as something underground, edgy and cool. Then Sniper took it all too far and timesplashing became the ultimate terrorist weapon.

Scarred by their experiences in the time traveling party scene, Jay and Sandra are thrown together in what becomes the biggest manhunt in history: the search for Sniper, Sandra's ex-boyfriend and a would-be mass murderer. It is the beginning of a story that would span almost two decades.

Set in the near future, the Timesplash novels are fast-paced action thrillers. Filled with great characters, a deep romance, and a new and original take on time travel. The second and third novels in the series, True Path and Foresight, were both sortlisted for the prestigious Best Science Fiction Novel award at the Aurealis Awards.

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