The Rik Sylver Series

The Credulity Nexus The Sentience Machine

About This Series

In a clash between transhumans and the religious right, a washed up PI ends up as the meat in the sandwich - with the fate of humanity resting on his reluctant shoulders.

When struggling PI Rik Sylver takes on a simple courier's job, it turns out the package he is transporting contains a virus that can control people's minds and powerful, dangerous people want to take it from him - many of them deadly transhumans from Omega Point.

And so it begins. In the second book, The Sentience Machine, Rik finds himself again tangling with transhumans, including the cute but deadly Rivers Valdinger. This time someone is holding one of Rik’s friends hostage and Rik is soon tangled up in a web of lies and misdirection, prejudice, deadly danger, and high-level corruption.

The Credulity Nexus is the first book set in Graham Storrs's Placid Point universe. Moving between the Earth, the Moon and Omega Point, these books are fast-paced science fiction thrillers, with the trademark plot twists that will delight readers of this author's previous work.

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