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Bright City Deep Shadows

Bright City Deep Shadows

The First Book in the Luke Kelly Crime Story Series

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About This Series

Luke Kelly wasn't really cut out to be a private investigator.

He was basically an academic, a young man with a PhD in philosophy with no clue about what to do with his life. Ronnie walker, on the other hand, was made for the hunt. A relentless, driven man - ex-soldier, ex-cop and ex-PI - Ronnie had all the skills Luke lacked. His only problem was, he was getting too old for that shit.

Yet, when Luke's girlfriend is mudered and the police decide he's their prime suspect, the only way to clear his name is for Luke to find the real killer. And for that, he needs Ronnie's help, whether he likes the idea or not.

Set in the beautiful, sub-tropical city of Brisbane on Australia's East coast, the Luke Kelly Crime Story series follows Luke and Ronnie as they stumble and barge their way through the seedy underbelly of this bright city, struggling with each other as much as with the cases they tackle. The first book of the series is available now. Other books are in preparation.

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