The Canta Libre Trilogy

Emissaries Supplicants Warriors

About This Series

First contact was nothing like anyone expected.

The UN-led team that went out to represent humanity was mostly scientists and soldiers, led by General Ramirez, and carrying Ambassador Hartmann to the most momentous meeting in human history. But they were not alone. Other teams went too; one led by Petrov, a gang boss with dreams of technological riches and power beyond measure, the other crewing an ancient ark ship the rest of the world had long since forgotten, its mission changed by an unscrupulous government, its half-human captain, Ken Lee, bitter and heartbroken.

Yet, though the struggle to answer the call of the enigmatic aliens would challenge the hapless travellers to the limits of their endurance, and the struggle to be the first to represent humanity would be vicious and deadly, for the survivors, the real struggle was still to come.

The Canta Libre trilogy is set 300 years on from the events of the Rik Sylver series. Set in Graham Storrs's Placid Point universe, Emissaries, takes us beyond the solar system where, over the course of two more books, Supplicants and Warriors, humans and transhumans struggle against aliens who are hostile or indifferent but rarely friendly.

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