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True Path by Graham Storrs

True Path

Book 2 of the Time Splash Series

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“Fast-paced, vibrant and really exciting, this sequel to Timesplash is awesome! If you haven’t yet read Timesplash you should do yourself a favor and grab a copy. Graham Storrs is an excellent writer not just of science fiction but of thrillers. His imagination is wild and this book really pushes the limits. The stakes are high, the action is great and the characters are relatable. Well worth it!”

“I really enjoyed this book. I read it on a train and my journey seemed to take 40 minutes not 4 hours! I loved the characterisation of the teenager in this book. … Sandra and Jay are altered with time but seem to have grown up rather well and kept all the best bits … As for the story itself … It was fast, gripping and it certainly makes you think.”

“The story has two strong women and a strong man at its centre … True Path is a well-written techno/science-fiction thriller with an imaginative and original take on time-travel. It is a very enjoyable read.”

“Superbly written … I just want to comment on the fact that things feel so… so real. Vividly and believably real. Jay and Sandra’s relationship in the final chapter is positively scary, because it’s so utterly Human and so very, very complicated and powerful and confusing. … These books are reasonably priced and some of the best writing I’ve read this century. Why are you still reading this? Go read Graham Storrs!”

"This book is a fantastic speculative thriller that continues a great story. [The author's] take on how time travel works and its use in the future is really quite unique.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next book in the series. It's exciting and a page turner.

True Path

About This Book

The most wanted man in America is about to destroy the entire nation… or save it.

It’s 2066 and Sandra has kept a low profile for 16 years, working as a tech in a quiet British university, hoping her past would never catch up with her. But it has.

When Jay hears Sandra has been kidnapped, he drops everything and goes to the U.S. to find her. But Sandra’s kidnapper is not an ordinary criminal. He’s America’s most-wanted terrorist a man driven to to free his country from religious oppression at any cost. Sandra, still suffering from the fallout of earlier timesplashes, refuses to help create the biggest timesplash ever, which would unleash a wave of destruction that the rebels hope will kickstart a new American revolution.

When Cara, Sandra’s teenage daughter, is taken by one of the many factions on the ground in Washington D.C., Sandra’s resolve is shaken, and Jay is forced into a race against time to stop the deaths of millions or save Sandra and her daughter.

Sandra and Jay must ultimately decide between what is right for them and what is right for all in this thrilling continuation of the best-selling Time Splash series.

Shortlisted in the Aurealis Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel.

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