Time & Tyde

Time & Tyde

Being insane and being visited by an amoral jerk from the future are not all that different.

“Another fantastic offering from Mr Storrs, this time very Locally presented with a great flavour of Australia.”

"A dark sci-fi comedy - very dark, sometimes - set in the modern day with very cool ideas about time travel and what it might mean for human ethics."

“Time & Tyde is everything I like about SF. New concepts, ideas, some food for thought and some very funny observations of our current society.”

“I think you can make a compelling case for calling this a psychological, rather than technological story, and very well handled it is too.”

“I enjoyed it very much, and particularly the Brisbane setting”

About This Book

This is the story of Vincent Demarco, a man whose life becomes increasingly bizarre after he meets Tony Tyde, an eccentric entrepreneur claiming to be a researcher who has come from the future to study him. As a result of Tony's persistent interference in his life, and his own weakness in resisting it, Vince is drawn into Tony's world of money, beautiful women, and events so extraordinary that he begins to doubt his own sanity.

Nothing makes sense any more to Vincent. Yet, when he finally begins to assert his independence from Tony, things go from bad to much, much worse.

It turns out that being insane and being visited by an amoral jerk from the future are not all that different. Whether he believes his troubles are down to one or the other, for Vince the outcome is just the same – and just as disastrous.

There is plenty of comedy in this otherwise very dark drama. If Nick Hornby had written K-PAX, the result might have been something like this.

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