A collection of short stories.

“It was short and quirky and, at well under $1, an excellent buy. I enjoyed all of these stories very much and I'll be looking out for more from this author.”

“I loved Honkie and the Scottish dialect. Something tells me the author knows the area well!”

“This was an odd collection of stories. I think of Graham Storrs as a science fiction writer but now I know he can turn his hand to any genre he likes and do it well. I still prefer the SF novels though.”

About This Book

Threefold is a collection of three unusual short stories by Graham Storrs.

In Honkie, a young girl struggles to understand her dying grandmother's life. Seven Keys tells how a young man deals with the terrible aftermath of his brother's death. And The Last Dragon is a rare excursion into fantasy by this author, a bittersweet tale of love and loss and the end of magic.

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