The Future Below

The Future Below

A collection of short stories.

“Enjoyed this collection of small apocalypses. A grim look at our future, but not completely without hope.”

“Some of these stories are quite long, making the collection great value.”

“I loved seeing stores in the Timesplash universe. I've read all the novels and it was great to get more background.”

“This is a great sampler for one of my favourite authors. The stories are so diverse, it gives a real flavour of the range of topics he covers and the breadth of his imagination. When it comes to sci-fi, you can't go past Graham Storrs.”

About This Book

A collection of fifteen science fiction stories long and short, near and far future, high and low tech.

A few have appeared previously in sci-fi magazines or anthologies but many have never been seen before. Some, like Skyball and Two Fools in Love, deal with people on the edge in a dystopian future. Others, like Finding the Future and Gays and Commies, deal with the way hope defines us even when things look their bleakest.

Three of these stories are set in the author's Timesplash universe, the rest take place in worlds more or less plausible. All of them are about people like us, struggling to find love or salvation or even just a place to grow in a future they didn't make – just as we do now, in the future in which we find ourselves.

The author has three novels set in the Timesplash series, two of which were shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Novel at the Aurealis Awards.

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