The Dissonance Factor

The Dissonance Factor

The third adventure in the Rik Sylver series.

"Couldn't put it down. Three hits in a row for this terrific series."

“...what I loved most was the incredible detail of this far-future world, where humans have begun to colonise the solar system, where hatred and fear of Uploads drives a lot of tension between Earth and Lunar, and where a massive data farm can be home to thousands of very wealthy and very powerful minds.”

"This story was crazy, fun and full-on."

"Another fantastic episode in this exciting, fast-paced series. The characters just get deeper and richer as their lives tumble out of control and they try to sort out the chaos our transhuman future plunges them into."

About This Book

Walking away from the world never kept Rik Sylver out of trouble before

and it didn’t this time. Even working in a mining camp on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, didn’t stop the transhumans of Omega Point reaching out across the Solar System and dragging him back into their world of danger and intrigue. A transhuman has been murdered and, somehow, this is tied to a covert plot within the US Government that has MI6 operative, Fariba Freymann, investigating against the orders of her superiors. When the upload, Rivers Valdinger, is drawn into the operation, the action ratchets up a notch and the violence escalates. Rik, as ever, is well out of his depth but, as the scope of the conspiracy is finally revealed, he finds himself once more to be the only person with any chance of preventing a catastrophe.

The Dissonance Factor is the third Rik Sylver novel.

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