The Credulity Nexus

The Credulity Nexus

Book 1 of the Rik Sylver Series

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"A fast, entertaining read that will also make you think about what it means to be human."

"This was a seriously fantastic book, filled with good old literary escapism... The plot is fast moving... it was a fabulous explosive read"

"The structure of the book worked well. I loved the opening ... and things really start to explode in chapter three. ... Then of course we enter the climactic events toward the end of the book and the whole thing shifts on to a new and exciting path, and by the time the book ends ... we're breathless to see the ramifications in future stories: for the characters, the Earth, Omega Point, and every thing in between!"

Seriously this is great! I thought the Ryk Sylver series was like a return to the Neuromancer world that I missed so much.

"But what I loved most was the incredible detail of this far-future world, where humans have begun to colonise the solar system, where hatred and fear of Uploads drives a lot of tension between Earth and Luna, and where a massive data farm can be home to thousands of very wealthy and very powerful minds."

About This Book

In a clash between transhumans and the religious right, a washed up PI ends up as the meat in the sandwich - with the fate of humanity resting on his reluctant shoulders.

When struggling PI Rik Sylver takes on a simple courier's job, it turns out the package he is transporting contains a virus that can control people's minds and powerful, dangerous people want to take it from him - many of them deadly transhumans from Omega Point. All Rik has to do is hand over the package and get paid - but then he loses it and the only way to save himself and everyone he loves, is to collaborate with the people who are killing his friends to retrieve it. Yet things are not what they seem and deciding who or what to believe is the only way Rik can save himself and the world he knows.

The Credulity Nexus is the first book in the Rik Sylver series and also the first of Graham Storrs’s novels set in his Placid Point universe. Moving between the Earth, the Moon and Omega Point, this is a fast-paced science fiction thriller, with the trademark plot twists that will delight readers of this author's previous work.

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