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"Placid Point by Graham Storrs

Placid Point

A collection of short stories set in the Placid Point universe

“I really enjoyed these stories set in Storrs's Transhumanity universe. There's a realism to his vision of the future that makes it seem so plausible.”

“A very enjoyable selection of short stories. All very enjoyable and I would read them all as books too.”

“The stories are very diverse, some of them deal with a near future and some with a very far future. They are well written, and deal with various problems, the main theme being in my opinion "What makes us human?". Like with any collection I preferred some stories than others but I found it a very enjoyable read on the whole.”

“Now that I've finished it I'm looking forward to reading more by this author. I'll be reading The Credulity Nexus next, a full novel set in this universe.”

Placid Point

About This Book

Short stories about humanity in transition.

A young man finds himself in charge of a box full of human minds, a maintenance crew hears screaming from inside an unmanned space station, and at the end of time, the last transhuman enjoys mince pies and sherry.

Whatever form our future takes, death, betrayal, sex and Christmas will always be with us. This is the second edition of this popular collection and includes two new stories.

The stories in this collection are set in the author's 'Placid Point' universe. If you enjoyed these stories, the author has written several novels that are also set in this world, including the Rik Sylver series and the Canta Libre trilogy.

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