Omega Point

Omega Point

Book 2 of the Deep Fracture trilogy

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“The Deep Fracture series continues with the same pace and quality as the first book, with Human Space in just as much peril and Broome, my favourite robot character ever, getting closer to the edge as he continues to tell his tale of bravery and perseverence in the face of overwhelming odds.”

"Readers of [Graham Storrs'] Rik Sylver and Canta Libre series (serieses?) are in for some surprises as characters - and things! - from the distant past pop up again in this fantastic sequel."

"I've read all the books in this universe from the very first one [The Credulity Nexus] and the current series is still piling on the thrills and surprises. The scope of Storrs' imagination continues to impress."

About This Book

After the disastrous encounter at Loner’s Deep, Captain Tam Pokkar and his crew head to distant Earth convinced that an alien attack on Human Space has begun.

The ancient robot, Broome, has convinced them their only hope to save humanity is to find the long lost Omega Point, a forgotten civilisation that few believe ever existed. Behind them, an alien weapon is shattering space itself and a massive interstellar war has erupted among the human polities affected by it. Soon, the war will draw in all the worlds of Human Space, even mighty Earth and little time remains to find help.

But Earth itself is divided and Captain Pokkar’s crew are in danger of becoming pawns in its internal political struggles. All they have to convince hard-nosed, hard pressed politicians are the word of an unreliable robot, unintelligible new theories in physics developed by a brilliant but emotionally crushed young woman, and unbelievable intelligence reports from remote and war-torn regions far, far away. But Tam and his partner, Prad, are determined and resourceful and it will take more than the forces of Earth to stop them—no matter how hopeless their quest to find the mythical Omega Point may seem.

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