A standalone urban sci-fi thriller.

“I hope this is first in a series. Storrs has developed a new take on what an alien life form may be.”

“The plot twists and turns in a most satisfactory way with the main characters taken in new directions.”

“... this unusual narrator adds a lot to the story: the fact that he is alien allows him new ideas on humanity, without the bias that we have as humans. And since he is able to navigate deep into the minds of his human hosts, he gets to know the human mind very well, often even better than his hosts themselves.”

“I found it an exhilarating ride. Good film potential too. More like this.”

"Mindrider was a fast read, action filled, with lots of twists and turns."

"I love it when SF talks about what makes us human, and that's exactly what this book does, along with interesting characters (human and non-human), nice background on aliens and action.”

About This Book

Arramar is a mindrider, an incorporeal being who lives in the minds of other species, and his people have arrived here to colonise the Earth.

But Arramar begins to see that humanity is not an appropriate species for colonisation, not least because they are already inhabited by the indigenous, mind-dwelling monsters his people call “nightmares”.

Now, as a war between his colony and the nightmares begins to escalate, with collateral damage among the humans inevitable, he is desperately trying to persuade his people to leave. But the leader of the colony has disappeared and both his own people and the human military are hunting him down. His only allies in his struggle to save the Earth are a handful of humans whose minds he rides and who are as scared and confused as he is.

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