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Heaven is a Place on Earth by Graham Storrs

Heaven is a Place on Earth

A standalone thriller for the mixed reality age.

"This is a thrilling, intense and subtly disturbing novel which packs one heck of a wallop whilst being exciting at the same time. Storrs manages a believable extrapolation of artificial reality and forecasts a future at once fascinating and horrifying in all its sociological implications."

"Storr’s premise – ‘how would society function if augmented reality became the norm’ – is a strong one and he handles the idea logically and consistently, making ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’ a joy to read. Oh, and the twist at the end of the novel is one we didn’t see coming."

"Heaven is a smart and gripping thriller, with a vision of a paranoid near-future that is uncomfortably near indeed."

"... and then there's the final chapter, that glorious 'vicious wrenching of reality' which is extremely unsettling and when I'd turned the final page and actually had to step out into the real world, I of course had to wonder, for a moment, how real it really was? This is a story that makes you ask questions, makes you think about what we're being told and fed and made to think. It scared me a little, to be truthful."

"My enjoyment of speculative fiction is affected by the quality of writing and these three factors: (1) reasonable extrapolation from current science and technology to the future (2) world-building with enough detail and credibility (3) Big Ideas, innovation, and futurist thinking. Graham Storrs does a great job on all counts."

"What an imaginative look into the future, and unfortunately probably a very prophetic one! Imagine a world in which few people react in the real world, preferring virtual and augmented reality. The author has really thought about this and makes this future very believable. If you enjoyed "Rainbow's End" by Vernor Vinge, you'll enjoy this book too. There's a bit of everything in here: A great mystery, terrorists, a political threat, cops, gunfights, neat tech and believable characters you'll root for. Good read."

"This was an enjoyable read with an engaging yet worrying premise. Set in a future world of augmented reality, this tale explores our ever-growing dependence and addiction to life on the nets, as well as our increasing laziness yet desire for perfection, and the potential implications of these. There's plenty of action and twists to keep you turning the page, as you try to figure out what's going on and who the good guys are. Overall, it's thought-provoking, and I really hope things don't turn out like this at all."

"This was the most unexpected book that I've read. All other books I've read had twists - lots of them - but I could anticipate four out of five. It was almost the same with this book, except the ending was such a twist that I could never see it coming. This is a far cry from the usual thrillers you read. In fact, I would call this genre scarers, if that was a real word."

Heaven is a Place on Earth

About This Book

She's lost in a maze of deceit and misdirection but the fate of the country hangs on Ginny finding her way back to reality.

Ginny had only dated Cal Coplin a couple of times when the police arrived to question her about him. He'd disappeared - something that should be completely impossible in the late 21st century when everyone was electronically tagged. And then Ginny received a recorded message from Cal, asking her to deliver a small package for him. Her decision to help him plunges Ginny into a world of fear, corruption, and massive deception.

On the run from the police, a dangerous terrorist organisation, and a shadowy corporation, Ginny struggles to stay alive and free while she tries to understand what is happening and prevent a deadly attack on the government. But in a world dominated by augmented and virtual realities, nothing is as it seems, and the deception runs deeper than anyone could imagine.

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