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Foresight by Graham Storrs


Book 3 of the Time Splash Series

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“It almost felt like coming to revisit a wonderful old friend, reading this novel. If you, like me, are a fan of the series, this one won’t disappoint.”

“Just when you might think that you can see where these stories are going … you can’t. We start splashing the other way. What a brilliant direction in which to take things.”

“Enjoyed all of the characters, even the “hamsters.” … Several are people I’d love to meet. Loved the number of strong, competent women.”

“On top of it all, these have been good reads as have been all of his works that I’ve picked up so far. The final joy is that, unlike almost every other ebook, this has been carefully edited and proofed. A solid read.”

"Wasn't disappointed by the third book - great new science twists."


About This Book

Jay and Sandra are back—fighting to save a world on the edge of destruction.

In the middle of a bizarre global catastrophe that looks suspiciously like the mother of all timesplashes, Sandra Malone discovers that the corporation she works for is spying on her. To find out why, she sets off to track down the culprits. What she discovers catapults Sandra, her daughter, and everyone around her into a deadly struggle to prevent a disaster.

Now working in European Military Intelligence in Berlin, Jay Kennedy begins to suspect that the shock that hit the world was something more sinister and dangerous than even a timesplash. In the midst of the chaos that has engulfed the world, Jay learns that Sandra is in danger and that their daughter has gone after her. Bad timing, when Jay should be solving a puzzle on which the fate of the whole world might hang.

With time running out, Jay is torn between the possibility of losing Sandra, and the desperate need to stop a new kind of time-travel technology that could destroy the planet.

Shortlisted in the Aurealis Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel.

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