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Cargo Cult by Graham Storrs

Cargo Cult

A standalone novel of comedy, adventure, and some really dumb aliens.

“In a word, hilarious! Storrs has a distorted mind, one that has cooked up a humorous brew of space operatic plot, action and gags that buzz along until the story explodes in your face.”

“I loved this book. I thought it was witty, made me laugh, great characters, good plot and the humour was really barbed, in a good way.”

“It combined two of my favourite things, first contact stories and comedy. Loved it.”

“You're faced with deep philosophical questions such as: Are maniacal aliens good if cloned to look like a sexy female movie star? Are kangaroos cute while armed and dangerous? Is an AI sentient if it likes Wagner's Ring Cycle? On second thoughts, who gives a crap! Be advised: Cargo Cult keeps the reader on his toes, assuming he's not rolling on the floor with a terminal case of the giggles.”

Cargo Cult

About This Book

Aliens are among us - and they're taking a coach tour to the countryside.

When a Vinggan ship crash-lands on the uncharted planet Earth, the marooned survivors – twelve religious zealots, their leader, and a single, low-ranking crewman, called Drukk – decide to make the best of it by converting humanity to their rather authoritarian religion. Inadvertently disguised as megastar actress Loosi Beecham, they set off to begin their evangelical mission.

And that’s when things really begin to go wrong. For their crash was not all it seemed, interstellar law enforcement is on their tail, and the humans are inexplicably strange – especially the busload of old folk they make off with, the New Age cargo cult that welcomes them, the local police force that is following them around, and an overambitious reporter and her idiot brother who don’t help matters by kidnapping crewman Drukk.

Oh yes, and there are talking kangaroos.

Only Drukk finally begins to understand what is really going on, but by then the Vinggans have unwittingly carted dozens of humans off-world and the only plan anyone can come up with to get home again is complete and utter insanity.

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