Bright City Old Wounds

Bright City Old Wounds

A Luke Kelly Crime Story

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"Another great Luke Kelly book. This series is really becoming one of my faves."

"I was very happy to return to the characters of this Brisbane-set detective series, and see them grow over the course of a twisty-turny new case."

"I was always keen to know what would happen next, and there were twists and turns in the plot sufficient to keep the suspense going. Looking forward to the next in the series."

About This Book

Ronnie Walker’s dark past is about to catch up with him.

The dead body in his garden is a message but he doesn’t know from whom, or even what it says. All he knows is that he and everyone around him are in danger and that includes his friend and sometime partner, Luke Kelly.

As the police begin their investigation – with Ronnie and Luke as their prime suspects – more people start dying and Luke and Ronnie are helpless to find a single clue as to who this ruthless killer might be.

For Luke, it is a desperate time of worry for the safety of his family, his fiancée and his employees at the Featherfoot Agency but his attempts to keep them all safe while he and Ronnie hunt down the murderer are frequently met with resentment and resistance. He believes the key to finding the killer is in Ronnie’s past but, as usual, Ronnie is reluctant to speak about it and, as the danger grows worse, reluctant even to let Luke become involved.

But Luke and the people he loves are bound to Ronnie’s fate and, as the case unfolds, hunting the murderer who is hunting Ronnie pulls them all into deadly danger despite Luke’s best efforts to keep them out of it.

Bright City Old Wounds is the fourth book in the Luke Kelly crime series.

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