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Bright City Lost Souls by Graham Storrs

Bright City Lost Souls

A Luke Kelly Crime Story

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"A page-turning series of twists, which keep Luke a hair's breadth ahead of increasingly dangerous forces"

"The book strikes a great balance between humour, character drama, and detective adventure. I will definitely be reading part 3!"

"Another great Luke Kelly book. This series is really becoming one of my faves."

"This story has lots of action as Luke and his offsider try to solve a murder that the police have labelled suicide. Difficult to put down."

"I was very happy to return to the characters of this Brisbane-set detective series, and see them grow over the course of a twisty-turny new case."

"I was always keen to know what would happen next, and there were twists and turns in the plot sufficient to keep the suspense going. Looking forward to the next in the series."

Bright City Lost Souls

About This Book

A year has passed since Luke Kelly's girlfriend was brutally murdered and the young man's life was pushed out of its quiet academic orbit into the darker and dirtier world of private investigation.

Yet when a beautiful blonde turns up in Luke's office asking him to find her friend's killer, he thinks he's finally found the kind of case he needs. But, as he and his partner, Ronnie Walker, get deeper into the case, the impossibility of the job becomes overwhelming. Everybody loved the victim and no-one had any reason to want him dead. The police have already decided it was suicide and Luke is wondering how to let his client down gently when hired thugs turn up to warn him off.

Luke's relationship with Ronnie is as bad as ever and getting worse as the case slowly pushes them to the edge. With Ronnie suspected of the murder of a second, perhaps unrelated, victim and Luke the target of a professional hit man, things look hopeless—until an unexpected clue sets them on a path of danger and violence that will end things one way or another.

Bright City Lost Souls is the second Luke Kelly crime story in this exciting Australian detective series.

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