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Bright City Deep Shadows by Graham Storrs

Bright City Deep Shadows

A Luke Kelly Crime Story

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"It sucks you in, I don't want to put it down but I have to go feed my cattle."

Loved this book! Well written, great characters and plot. Hopefully it won’t be long until the next book.

"This was just great. I loved it."

"The pacing was perfect. I couldn't stop turning the pages."

"Just finished book 1, now ordered book 2. I loved it. Am I bad that I wanted to slap Luke sometimes? Really liked Ronnie, my kind of person."

Bright City Deep Shadows

About This Book

When his girlfriend, Chelsea, is murdered, Luke Kelly becomes the prime suspect in the police investigation. But Luke knows something the cops don’t: he is innocent.

With the help of a washed up ex-cop, Luke sets out to find the real killer, a journey that will take him far beyond the quiet academic life he once knew into the dark corners of the city he loves, from a life of ideas and innocence, into a world of violence and fear.

Coping with his grief and the growing realisation of his own inadequacy, Luke struggles to keep going in his quest for justice. Only the persistence of his strangely driven new friend, Ronnie Walker, keeps him moving forward. But Ronnie’s dark nature frightens Luke too and looks set to drag them both deeper into the shadows behind the bright facade of the life he thought he knew.

Bright City Deep Shadows is the first book in the Luke Kelly Crime Story series.

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