Novels in the Deep Fracture Trilogy

Loner's Deep

Loner's Deep

Book 1 of the Deep Fracture Trilogy

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About This Series

Human Space is being torn apart, figuratively and literally.

Ten thousand years after the events in the Canta Libre books, humankind has spread across a hundred star systems. Scores of civilisations share Human Space in an uneasy network of trade and alliances. Amongst them, one power-hungry polity planning for war. And then ships begin to be destroyed by an invisible force and a strange astronomical anomaly is discovered at the edge of Human Space. War breaks out as neighbouring governments rush to examine the anomaly while the chaos it appears to be causing spreads among them. Some believe the catastrophe threatening humanity is an alien invasion, and as interstellar war engulfs the worlds around them, a small group of people and Broome, an ancient robot surviving from humanity's forgotten past, decide their only hope is to seek help from the mythical Omega Point and the god-like beings that once lived there. But first, they have to find it.

The second and third novels in this trilogy are in production now and will be released in 2018 and 2019.

Where the series fits

The Deep Fracture trilogy is the third series of novels set in the Placid Point Universe.

The Rik Sylver series sets up the world of the Placid Point Universe as the first transhumans struggle against rich and powerful fanatics who don't want them around. A washed-up PI, Rik Sylver, who can barely keep himself alive, is sucked into the violent and deadly machinations of these powerful factions and repeatedly finds himself fighting for his life and the safety of millions of innocents. The series introduces some of the characters that appear in the Canta Libre trilogy - and even some that survive into the Deep Fracture trilogy.

The second set of novels in the Placid Point Universe is the Canta Libre trilogy. It begins 300 years after the events of the Rik Sylver series. Emissaries, takes us beyond the solar system where, over the course of two more books, Supplicants and Warriors, humans and transhumans struggle for survival against aliens who are hostile or indifferent but rarely friendly.

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